The challenge for many businesses isn’t just recognizing the need for AI—it’s understanding and communicating the need effectively. Explaining AI’s impact and potential to your boards, leadership teams, and other stakeholder can seem like a herculean task, especially when they’re starting from square one. That’s exactly where our services step in.

We don’t offer a generic AI lecture; instead, we provide a customized educational experience that takes into account the uniqueness of your industry. Our AI Education, Workshop, and Speaking services are laser-focused on delivering clarity and foresight, helping your audience understand the genesis of AI, its current trajectory, and, most importantly, how it’s reshaping your specific sector.

Our AI Education, Workshop, and Speaking services are led directly by Marcum Technology’s CEO, Peter Scavuzzo, and are designed to empower your business through the transformative power of AI.

Meet Peter Scavuzzo

As the CEO of Marcum Technology and the Chief Information and Digital Officer of Marcum LLP, Peter Scavuzzo has a strategic eye and a deep understanding of emergent technologies. Peter has been instrumental in developing, a trailblazing AI tool tailored for the rigor of professional services and businesses in control-centric sectors.

He is a seasoned speaker who, over the last six months, has hit the stage over two dozen times at events hosted by organizations such as the AICPA and Accounting Today, delivering insights on innovation, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation. Through his engagements, Peter elucidates AI’s transformative role within the contemporary business landscape.

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AI Education Tailored to Your Business

With a commitment to innovation and expansion reflected in Marcum’s own growth from two to over 50 offices, our AI Education services are crafted to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re a CEO, a board member, or a leadership team, Marcum provides bespoke workshops that explore AI’s profound impact on your organization’s future.

The Advantage

Peter’s strategic initiatives are underpinned by, a generative AI technology platform that embodies Marcum’s dedication to client-centric innovation and operational excellence. By inviting Peter Scavuzzo to educate and inspire, your business gains direct access to the mind behind this transformative tool.

Ready to revolutionize your business with AI?

Dive into the future with confidence. Choose Marcum’s AI Education, Workshop, and Speaking services to catalyze change and drive digital excellence in your enterprise.

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